It is a scenic hill town with great historical significance, this beautiful township has always remained as the center of attraction for tourist. King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who unified the Kingdom of Nepal during eighteenth century, was born here. It is situated on a small hillock at an elevation of approximately 1000 meter.  It offers panoramic view of snow fed mountains. From the top of the hill above Gorkha palace the view of Manaslu and Himalchuli is spectacular. The panoramic view of the Himalaya seen from this point is superb.

This small kingdom of Gorkha was founded by king Drabya Shah in 1560 A. D. It became famous during the dynasty of Ram Shah during the period of 1604 A.D. to 1641 A.D.  It is said that he earned the reputation of being just to his people.

Gorkha Durbar - Its bout one hour's walk uphill. On the west side of palace is the temple of Goddess Gorakhkali. There is also a famous cave sheltering the statue of Gorakhnath Baba (sage). It is believed that the name of Gorkha was derived from the name of this sage, whose blessings inspired King Prithvi Narayan Shah for the unification of Nepal.

To See

  • Gorkha Durbar
  • Upallokot
  • Manakamana

To Reach

Airways - The Airport is situated in the middle of town with flights to Kathmandu, Jomsom, Manang, Bhairahawa and Bhadrapur. Helicopters to Manang and Jomsom are also available for charter. Everest Air offers a mountain flight from Pokhara that takes you on an aerial sightseeing tour of the western Himalaya. Nepal has the following domestic airlines namely Nepal Buddha Air, Kathmandu, Cosmic Air, Gorkha Airlines, Royal Nepal Airlines, Shangri - La Air, Skyline Airways, Yeti Airlines and a host of International carriers.

Railways - Nepal has railway connections with its neighboring country, India. Two stretches of railway are Raxaul (India) to Amlekhganj (Nepal) and the other is Raxaul (India) to Janakpur (Nepal).  Buses are available for Kathmandu from Janakpur and Amlekhganj. All the bordering towns of Indo - Nepal are served by Indian Railway system.

Roadways – It is well linked up with Pokhara and Kathmandu by road.  Gorkha has regular bus services to and from these places. It is connected to Kathmandu - Pokhara highway by a 24 kilometer feeder road.  It is six hours by bus from Kathmandu and 3 hours from Pokhara. It is well connected with roads to different towns of Nepal. Roads are good and have developed in the last few years.

Location Map

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