Bali government set new rules for the unruly tourists to keep in check

Bali government set new rules for the unruly tourists to keep in check

Posted by Marine2Alpine on Friday, 14th June 2024.

The Bali government has recently implemented strict rules to maintain the sanctity of its cherished traditions and ensure a respectful experience for tourists. Here are some of the key rules that visitors must adhere to:

1. Stricter Tourist Motorcycle Rentals: Tourists can now only hire motorcycles from businesses formally registered with relevant trade agencies or the transporting renting association in Bali. To legally rent a bike, tourists must approach licensed rental companies and possess an international driving license specifically covering motorcycle riding. These rules aim to address concerns over reckless behavior by foreign tourists on the roads.

2. Cohabitation between Unmarried Couples: Recent changes in Indonesia’s legal landscape imposes rules on unmarried couples from cohabitating or engaging in intimacy. While tourists won’t face charges under this law, it’s essential to respect local customs and norms.

3. Licensed Accommodations Only: Tourists are restricted to staying in licensed accommodations. Unlicensed Airbnb or guesthouses are no longer permissible.

Additionally, here are some other important guidelines for tourists in Bali:

Exchange currency at authorized money changers to avoid scams.

Avoid entering main prayer areas except for worship and reflection.

Minimize littering and single-use plastics.

Do not climb sacred tress.

Always exhibit respectful behavior and avoid illegal activities.

Furthermore, the government is considering imposing a tourist tax of $30-$100 to discourage disruptive behavior by visitors. This tax would contribute to maintaining Bali’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Remember, while exploring this beautiful island, let’s be responsible and respectful travelers.

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