The newest travel trend “Destination Duping”

The newest travel trend “Destination Duping”

Posted by Marine2Alpine on Wednesday, 3rd July 2024.

Destination duping is the latest travel trend where travelers intentionally choose lesser-known, budget friendly alternatives over people destinations. Instead of visiting overcrowded hotspots, they explore neighboring cities or towns that offer similar experiences without the high costs and crowds. This trend has gained traction due to social media influence and a desire for authentic cultural immersion. Younger travelers, in particular, seek genuine authenticity by opting for these hidden gems.

Certainly, here are some examples of destination duping, where travelers opt for lesser-known alternatives instead of popular tourist spots:

  1. Instead of Paris, France: Travelers explore Lyon or Strasbourg for a taste of French culture, exquisite cuisine, and charming architecture without the crowds.

  2. Rather than Santorini, Greece: Naxos or Milos offer stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and authentic Greek experiences.

  3. Beyond Bali, Indonesia: Lombok or Flores provide similar lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture.

  4. In lieu of Venice, Italy: Verona or Padua offer romantic canals, historic sites, and delightful Italian ambiance.

  5. Skipping Barcelona, Spain: Valencia or Seville boast impressive architecture, lively markets, and rich history.

These alternatives allow travelers to enjoy unique while avoiding the tourist crowds and high costs.

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