Coffee Plantations in Bali – a Journey to Traditions and Natural Fragrance

Take a sip of quality coffee in Bali, home to charming coffee plantations spread over its varied terrain. 

Bali is recognised for more than just its breathtaking natural beauty and cultural treasures. To preserve the coffee fragrance, all operations are natural, such as sun-drying coffee beans and roasting coffee with fires. This procedure ensures that the coffee is consistently of the highest quality. 

In Ubud, visitors may see the natural process of producing Luwak coffee, famous as the world’s most expensive coffee, which is obtained from beans digested and passed through the digestive tract of civet cats. Furthermore, the Bali coffee estates trip includes a visit to Jatiluwih for a genuinely authentic experience among UNESCO-listed rice terraces, where guests may try a selection of fragrant coffees and teas while taking in the stunning vistas. Kintamani also provides a one-of-a-kind coffee experience at 1500 metres above sea level, where Arabica coffee with a zesty taste is grown amid orange trees. These farms use Bali’s traditional Subak irrigation system, supporting organic production in environmentally friendly ways. Visitors may sample coffee, see the farming process, and get immersed in local culture. Bali’s coffee estates, with panoramic views of mountains and rice terraces, provide a lovely combination of nature, culture, and exquisite tastes, encouraging visitors to enjoy the essence of the island’s famed brews.

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